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Jake Glueck-Percey Jake was full of life to say the least! He roamed Lake Tahoe's wild terrain and that was the essence of hi spirit, for he did not want to be tamed. At home he was the sweetest and attentive friend, but when he went outside he could not contain himself! I was reminiscing about the funny things he did recently! Hiking he would leap vertically like a jack rabbit in through the thick manzanita and scrub oak, when we took him to the beach, he would find any dead fish or sea lion preferrably to roll in EVERY MORNING prior to me going to work, if I wasn't careful opening the tailgate of the truck he would jump out and explore the woods for hours only to return home several hours later foaming at the mouth dehydrated and exhausted, he would find ANY drop of water-puddle-lake-or irrigation ditch and jump in! Water was his ultimate love; we had to rescue him on more than one occasion because of his uncontrollable love for water and exploring. SILLY DOG!!! Jake was a wonderful friend to Justin Glueck and Mary Percey
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