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In Memory of
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When it comes to losing a pet, families need time to grieve. For many, the grieving process begins by laying their furry (or scaled) loved one to rest. To assist with this difficult transition PetsInRemembrance is here to help. We offer quality made pet caskets, pet urns and pet burial markers. With the upmost kindness and sensitivity to this issue PetsInRemembrance also offers an online pet memorial registry. This registry allows users to post an image of their pet and a small passage explaining how they were special and will be missed. Many chose to describe the vibrancy and love that characterized a pet throughout its life; we all have hundreds of these endearing moments that will never be found in another pet and now you have someplace to capture these memories forever and share them with other pet lovers.

Because your beloved pet deserves a well considered resting space, PetsInRemembrance pet caskets come in a variety of styles and options, as an alternative our pet urns allow your pets cremated ashes to remain close with several stylish versions to select from. Meanwhile, our selection of customizable pet burial markers helps mark their final resting place with love and appreciation. Our caskets are not just dog caskets or cat caskets; they are designed for different types of animals. Some of the smaller sized caskets can be used for reptiles, hamsters, rabbits, ferrets among others.

Donate to The Humane Society

In Memory of Your Beloved Pet