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Custom Engraved Black Granite Pet Memorial Stones - Text Only

Custom Engraved Black Granite Pet Memorial Stones - Text Only

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Losing a beloved pet is a difficult experience. A pet is often as much a family member as any human family member. We know how important it is to remember these dearly loved family members. Laying them to rest just as any other family member is an important part of memorializing the unconditional love they brought to their human family.

Because we recognize this essential step in grieving, we offer several beautiful dog grave marker. Our plaques are constructed of solid granite. Granite is recognized worldwide for its beautiful appearance with multiple minerals, and is often used as imitation marble. The sides are rock pitch cut while the top is highly polished to nearly marble gloss. Our pet grave markers are available in grey, black, and mauve.

Because our headstones are crafted from natural granite, veins, cracks, and variations in tones are not defects in the headstone, but are instead a natural result of its crafting.


  • Plaque: 7"W x 5"H x 4"D
  • Material: granite
  • Engraving: Sandblasting and Paint (the text and/or pictures are sandblasted out of the rock and then filled in with paint for visibility)

Our pet memorial stones are customizable with text only, text and silhouette, or text and picture on black granite (select option above). When you place your order, you can direct an e-mail to sales@petsinremembrance.comwith the special message you would like on the headstone. If you have chosen to include a silhouette or picture, please attach the picture you would like to use; you may also direct us to select a silhouette of a particular breed, if that is your preference. If we do not receive an e-mail from you, we will send you an e-mail requesting the above information.

Upon receipt of the information, we will send a verification of all the information and layout. Once we receive the reply affirming the information is accurate, we will begin production, which should take 2-3 weeks. If your pet needs to be laid to rest immediately, it is best to conduct the appropriate service using a temporary marker.

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