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In Memory of Your Beloved Pet
Shadow This is the story of shadow and our family My husband is active duty Army, and at the time I found shadow, we were stationed at Ft Drum. I was driving to the gas station on post a little bit from our apartment, and I saw a cat about the size of my cat Gypsy running in between the tractor equipment while they were working.It looked like Gypsy, so I painicked.I pulled the Jeep into the median and rushed to get my kitty before it got smashed. I hadn't seen Gypsy all day and I truly believed she had gotten out. I ran calling her and the cat came running to me as well, as I scooped the cat up I immediately realized that it was not Gypsy and I probably just saved its life. He immediately wrapped his paws around my neck and I carried him to the car. I was thinking oh boy my husband is gonna be so mad. But he had a collar and tags, so I set about trying to get a hold of the owner. She never called us back that day, and my hubby came home from work. Gypsy doesn't like mike, so she stayed in the back, and i hoped of all he didn't realize that wasn't Gypsy until the owners could come and get him. Michael is not a cat person at all. So mike comes in and goes directly to the fridge to get a snack, and sure enough here comes this cat! I held my breath as this cat jumped up on the counter beside him. Mike says," hey cat, did you decided I wasn't that bad after all?" This cat rolls over on the counter paws at him and meows. Mike looked at me and goes, thats not Gypsy. I said no, but I thought it was, don't worry I have called the owner. so he goes about his business. The rest of the evening this cat whose tag said "Ray Ray" rubbed on and loved up my husband. Mike petted him and played with him as well. As I watched in shock, that mike was even petting him, I thought what a sweet kitty. Ray Ray as he was named, was friendly and playful, and although large we could tell he was no more than 18-20 weeks old. The next night there was still no call from the owner and mike had taken a liking to him, Gypsy had not. Mike built shelves and installed them so the cat could play and sleep on them, and Mike played with him every evening. 4 days passed before the owner called and asked if she could come get the cat. I was a little crushed because not only did we like him but my husband had even bought new food bowls and shelves for playing. I was worried a bit. She came to get the cat and the cat did not want to leave, he kept climbing over our shoulders and jumping back to his new shelves. Finally we got him and I let her know that if it turns out she didn't want him, to bring him back and he would have a home. She had said they wanted a dog and no cats, so I had hope. Later that day about 6:00pm I get a knock at my door. Low and behold, it her with the cat. She doesn't say anything just hands him to me and walks away. Sad yes, but I was excited! I took the cat over to Mike set him on his tummy, and said she doesn't want him. Mike petted the cat, and they fell asleep together on the couch. The next few days I scanned the internet for cat names, because we didn't like Ray Ray. Anyways, that cat followed us everywhere in the house and one night mike said he was like my shadow, always right behind me. There it was kitty's new name. Shadow. Over the years with moving with the army, deployments, everything mr. shadow has been my constant. He always wrapped his arms around my neck when I was upset, always snuggled at night or on the couch. Crazy and silly with a laser light, and loved feathers. Turns out he was a maine coon cat. He got so big. He could stretch out over our over stuffed chair on top and hang off both ends. He was long and lean. His hair got fluffier, but he always had the prettiest face for a cat. Sharp features, and striking green eyes. He was the most loving cat I have ever had, but if he didn't like you he let you know it quick. He always sat on the counter beside me when I cooked, or at the computer desk, he would always come and snuggle when you were crying, He would talk to you if you talked to him, and he always gave the dogs a taste of their own medicine. Fearless stalker after a wrestle match with michael, and would charge and get him faster then Mike could move. I got pregnant in Feb 2011, Mike had deployed, and we found out I was pregnant 2 weeks after he left. Shadow became my gaurd kitty. He took up residence forever under my feet or on my lap. And if someone came to close to me during pregnancy there was hell to pay. That cat barely let anyone hug me. He protected me from the dogs and other cats to the fullest extent of shadow's law. It was amuzing to watch him become the fearless protector of my belly. After our daughter was born, He gaurded her. I no longer mattered lol. He still followed me and snuggled but he would always go to our daughter and sit with her. He licked her head when she was very little when she cried and always sat on the couch above her head or at her feet. When she got bigger Shadow didn't like that so much, but he never hurt her too bad just a little scratch to get her to let go of his head. Our daughter loves mr shadow, she is always trying to pet him or snuggle him. We have had so many memories that I will forever be grateful for. We love you so much! and you will be missed deeply. So to one of the best cats I know cheers, and you will forever be in my heart as my shadow.
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