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In Memory of Your Beloved Pet
Coco I just wanted to write about our cat, Coco. I chose this picture because she’s with our son, Sean, and she was really his cat. Sean was still a baby when we got Coco, and I think they took to each other so well because they were on the same level. She loved to pounce and play with him and he started crawling, I think, to keep up with her. Wherever Sean was, so was Coco. They used to go down to a stream near our house and catch frogs and things. Somehow, Coco knew not to kill the little critters and Sean loved having new temporary ‘pets’. She was really his best friend, comforting him when he faced one of the problems of childhood – bullies, bad grades, or fights with friends. It was hard when Coco got sick, but she also taught our son about death and dying. Knowing that death isn’t scary, just a little sad, helped him to deal with his grandfather’s death years later. And Sean knows he’ll see them both in the next life.
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