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In Memory of Your Beloved Pet
Whiskers The greatest thing about Whiskers was that he loved to play with my kids. In this pic, he’s sitting on my son’s toy car map. He would wait until Bobby would come by with a car, and then he’d paw at it (claws in – such a gentle kitty), or chase Bobby and the little toy car around the track. Whiskers was so calm, he even let Alice dress him up in her doll clothes… for about 5 minutes, before he’d take off. :) My children loved him dearly, and he was always there to comfort them when they were sad, especially when they were in a tiff and couldn’t comfort each other. He was my solace when I went through my illness; it was hard with only my two young children in the house, and Whiskers knew just when I needed someone to hug. He would climb up onto my lap and put his paws on my chest and let me just hug him, even though he didn’t really like to be picked up. When I really needed it, though, he knew, and he didn’t squirm. That’s the kind of unconditional love that only an animal can bring. We will miss him dearly, but I am glad that I was able to share my memories with so many other lovely pet owners.
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